About Video Conferencing System

What is multimedia video conferencing system?

A: Videoconferencing provide a means for efficient communication, collaboration and decision-making even when people cannot be physically present in the same location. It has many of the same advantages as a face-to-face meeting including being able to see each other’s facial expressions and body language. It also allows people to share files and data, so that it is easy to hold presentations, review documents and make fast decisions.

What is the future of video conferencing system?

A: As more and more organizations adopts to videoconferencing technology and experiencing the benefits it bring, systems are being deployed at unprecedented rates. Combined with the advancements in technology, the integration of voice, video and data, and the developments in network infrastructure, videoconferencing is becoming a mission critical tool for enterprises, educational institutions, and healthcare providers.


What is multipoint-to-multipoint video conferencing system?

A: This is where three or more parties located at different sites participate in a conference where each party has an equal chance to be heard and seen by everybody else. These different sites can either be within the same local network, or spread over a wide geographical area across different private networks.


What kind of network do I need for a videoconference?

A: You can have a videoconference on almost any type of digital network. ISDN is currently the most common network however IP is quickly becoming wide-spread.

What is the system requirement for MCS?

A: The recommended minimum CPU specification is Pentium III 1GHz with 256MB RAM on Windows 2000 or XP.

How do we start a conference?

A: Login to the MCS server and then click create conference. You will get a dialog box to enter a conference name and then invite the participants for the conference.

What is the most suitable sound card for MCS?

A: Generally MCS works well with all sound cards.

What type of PC camera is required?

A: MCS supports 16 to 24bit cameras. The following list of cameras have been tested to be optimally MCS-compatible. However this is not an exhaustive list and we expect many more names in due time.

- Ezonics EZCam I (VVL chipset) (USB) (***)
- Prolink PCC300 (USB) (***)
- 3Com HomeConnect (USB) (***)
- Logitech QuickCam Pro (16bit) (***)

Does your system have a problem with some built-in sound cards?

A: We have a sound “stuttering” problem with built in AC97 sound chip. The stuttering does not start immediately, but happens after a short while of usage (about 3-5 minutes).
Solution : Disable the AC97 from the BIOS and install MCS compliant sound card.


I’m using Windows 2000 Professional, what should I do if I can’t view the chairman video and get the error message “Video Playback cannot be loaded” when I join the conference?


i. Please check the DirectX version in your pc.
ii. Click Start and choose “Run” and type dxdiag.
iii. The version of DirectX of your pc will be shown and it must be DirectX 9.0c. You need to upgrade it if the version is lower than DirectX 9.0c .

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will be viewed and you can see the version as shown below:-

 I am getting a Normal video when I set the video resolution at 176×144 but the video becomes upside down when I change the resolution to 320×240.

A: Update all the drivers of the machine (namely the video chipset/card driver). The driver file/dll version of the video chipset on the Intel website might be lower than the one on the machine, but the date will be newer. This might confuse many users, furthermore when installing this driver, there will be a warning message from windows about replacing the file that is older than the current one installed on the machine. Please ignore the message and proceed with update.

What should I do if the picture quality is unsatisfactory?

A: Picture quality is highly dependent on bandwidth availability, so the best way to address this is to try reducing the frame rate per second at your end.

What if I am unable to get pictures at my end?

A: There are few possibilities to check for this problem.

[1] Your video source.
[2] Is your camera switched on or properly connected?
[3] Check your MCS Option configuration . Have you selected by default “Audio only” for conferencing?

What do I need to do if I could not connect to the MCS server?

A: [1] Check your server IP if it is correctly entered.
[2] Check your network connection.

How do I change the frame rate at my conference window?

A: Select the video icon on your conference monitor and then choose change frame rate.

What is the required bandwidth for MCS?

A: The recommended minimum bandwidth for MCS is 256Kbps for each remote participant.

What is the Firewall information?

A: Click HERE for more about firewall information.

What is the MCS connection error number means?

A: – 10049: Server IP Address Not Valid
- 10051: Server’s Network Unreachable
- 10054: Connection Refused. Possibe Firewall Problem
- 10060: Connection Failed. Connection Timed Out
- 10061: Login Fail. MCS Server Not Running
- 10065: Server is Down. Please try later

Q21: How to solve Osprey problem?

A: [1] Run camera tester program.
[2] Click on “VFW”, choose “o100 – Ospery Capture Card 1″.
[3] When preview is available, it might look like the one below.
[4] Click on “VFW” again, choose “Video Source”.Then in “Video Standard” section , choose “PAL-BDGHI”.

My update servers not running?

A: – Open the httpd.conf file. (default in /etc/httpd/conf)
- If you are not sure where the file is located, please type “httpd.conf”
- Then, search for the word “ServerName”.
- Next, change the “new.host.name” to replace your server IP
- Close editor
- Type “service httpd restart”

Still, it is not downloading updates?

A: Goto /var/www/html/MCSUpdate/Old/Desktop
Type “ll”
Permission should be
rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 45056 May 31 01:59 AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll
Else type “chmod 755 *”

I use dual NIC setup. Now my client in my local LAN cannot see client in Internet?

A: Check the following criteria:

[1] Client in local LAN has to login as “Local” Client
[2] Client in Internet has to login as “remote” client
[3] eth0 has to be always the global address. eth1 should have local address
[4] If the problem still occur, next steps:
Login to MCS server as root

- Type “route add -net netmask dev eth0″(you can make this command on startup by adding it to /etc/rc.d/rc.local)
- If you are running a managed switch, make sure you enable IGMP Query

Mode and disable IGMP Snoop Mode.

I use dual NIC MCS server setup, I can connect to MCS server by using a local client but my DC and chat doesn’t connect to server?

A: [1] Open the /etc/mcs/mcs.conf file
[2] Change this
#Server behind NAT
#Server behind NAT
[3] Close the file and restart MCS server again.

What does this error means?

A: This means your sound card does not support mixer control

How does it effect MCS?

A: The mixer is used by mcs to control individual playback volume and microphone volume. User can still be able to talk to other user and listen to them. The only thing the user will not be able to do is to set or modify the volumes through mcs volume slider in MCS Conference Monitor.


How do I change the volume if my soundcard does not support mixer control?

A: To change the playback and microphone volume, use the system control panel.

How do I get a single monitor fix mode with 320×240 video?

A: To get 320×240 video fixed mode on a single monitor, you need to have a screen resolution of at least 1280×1024. Smaller screen resolution than that will cause some of the video to be offscreen.

What needs to be done if a prospect wishes to connect their legacy H.323 equipment and software?

A: It is quite easy. Logout of the server. At this point, you only have 2 active buttons on your desktop. The login and the last button. This last button or right most button on your client toolbar is a blue square MCS button. If you click on this, it will give you the MCS or H.323 option. Choose H.323 and then click login to login to the server. Once you have logged in, you are now an MCS H.323 client. Have fun using it.


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